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One day in Berlin

Spring break is coming! We could not know what you have decided to do at this time, but we could offer an overview of the most fashionable areas to have great vacation with children. And the first in our list will be Berlin. In recent years, this city has rightfully secured the title of one of the most comfortable for tourism. It is beautiful, conveniently organized, rich in attractions and offers everyone an adequate leisure time. So, let's say, there is you, there is a child, and there is Berlin. And there are only 12 hours to discover the city.

Frankfurter Tor, 1958


We could bet the first place you are going to visit in Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate - the symbol of the city (Brandenburger Tor). Here we recommend to rent bicycles - a long day, the program is full, speed matters! Cycling in Berlin is absolutely safe - a well-thought-out track system allows you not to fear a dense flow of cars and pedestrians. If your child is too young to go on their own, you can pre-order a special chair or trailer car that can accommodate even three kids. It's a pleasure to ride in such a trailer, a transparent dome is a reliable protection from dust for the children.


From the Brandeburg Gate let's drive to Tiergarten (Tiergarten). It is the largest park in Europe. In the 18th century, the park was a royal hunting ground, where wild boars and other animals were kept, and now, in a vast area of ??25 hectares here may be seen a squirrel, a rabbit or a raccoon. If you are lucky, you may see even a fox. People say that Berlin is a city of wild animals, where wild boars dig up lawns, and chanterelles are heated under the hood of the car, but to be honest, we ourselves saw only a rabbit, and only once.

Shell House, designed by Emil Fahrenkamp, 1932


If you have missed animals in the nature area, it's time to fix it, and go to the Zoological Garden (ZoologischerGarten). But first we will return the bicycles to the rental point - today they will not be needed anymore. You can do this by metro ZoologischerGarten, and then walk five minutes to the entrance to the zoo from the side of the Chinese gate. In Berlin, there are two zoos, but the Zoological Garden is not only the largest zoo in the city, but in all of Europe - there are 1600 species of animals. Soon, the most loved animal of all people on the planet - the panda - will join them. You will be able to see the panda in July 2017, now the neighborhood with giraffes and antelopes is under repair - a comfortable house for bamboo eaters is being under construction.

So, at the zoo buy a combined zoo/aquarium ticket and go on a trip: here a polar bear rubs its back, and here are wild boars, a little further - the majestic lion and lioness, behind them a seal rests on a stone and so on ad infinitum. The animals are fed from 12 to 16 hours and if you want to see the process, ask about the exact time at the zoo staff. In the garden you can walk indefinitely, but on average, to get around from flamingo to llama, it will take two or two and a half hours. During the walk you can rest in small cafes on the territory of the zoo. Guests here are offered light snacks, sweets, hot and cold drinks, traditional for places of leisure with children. At the aquarium, it is worth allocating about an hour, depending on the degree of interest of your baby in amphibians.


After meeting with the beasts and visiting a zoo souvenirs store (you can go out only through it), we are headed to lunch. Berlin is extremely friendly to the children, every cafe or restaurant has a children's menu, so adults can safely go to the institution with any cuisine. We offer to lunch in walking distance from the station ZoologischerGarten, from where you can easily get to the Museum of Natural History (Naturkundemuseum).

Alexanderplatz, 1982


So, at the museum, be sure to greet Tristan, a tyrannosaurus born in North America. The 12-meter Tristan has been visiting Berlin since 2015 and may soon go somewhere else. In addition to Tristan and his less carnivorous friends in the museum of natural history, the kids could see in detail how our planet and life appeared: just let them lay on a sofa and watch a 9-minute film about the origin of the Universe, and then touch some earth rocks, and only observe others, for example, extremely shiny pieces of Meteorites, viewed through a magnifying glass. Expositions on the three floors of the museum can be viewed in an hour and a half.


After the museum, we advise you to walk back to the center through the Charité area and the modernist building of the City Library to the Reichstag, and then, through the multibrand Corner (for those who are able to shop with children) to return to the same Brandenburg Gate. Not far from Corner you will find the museum of the famous chocolate Ritter Sport, thanks to which you can form 15 minutes of free time for shopping - the museum has a great entertainment for children, namely the preparation of chocolate on your own requests from natural ingredients. So calmly change three chocolate pieces for a pair of a new shoes.

Leninplatz, 1976


After the dessert, go to the KurfürstendammStreet. Here, if you still have a desire and strength, shopping can be continued - walk through small shops or go to a monumentalKaDeWe, the famous department store in Berlin, in front of which on weekdays there is a fair with street food and farm products. If you are only remain with desire to sit down and rest, treat yourself with a nice dinner, choose the kitchen according to the mood and go to the corresponding restaurant. We do not recommend going to restaurants of "traditional Berlin cuisine." As the Berliners themselves say, such establishments are a tourist attraction, as there is no such thing as a Berlin cuisine. For local gastronomic impressions, it is better to go to Munich, Stuttgart, to Cologne. But we will tell about it next time.


Good night, little fellows!