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Mom, I want to paint!

As far as you may know we are very much into children's creativity, we even use some paints as prints on our clothes, so no one knows better what the potential is in small artists. But any talent requires attention, and today we decided to talk about creative studios where children will have fun and learn in easy way how to draw. It remains only to choose what art class will suit your child - in Moscow, Paris, New York, Hong Kong or London.




This studio offers an original recipe for learning the art: hide tasteless broccoli in an arts soup so that with the help of creativity children receive essential vitamins they need for an overall personal growth. Under broccoli here we mean all that what may seem complicated and uninteresting for a child - math, English, social studies. Classes are organized in such a way that these resources and tools are combined into one exciting process.

Where: London Borough Of Wandsworth, Unit A111, Bendon Valley, Riverside Place, London, SW18 4UQ

Cost: £30 per workshop, including required materials. The school also can arrange an art theme party - prices start from £120.

Lavender Leonardos


Izzy Moreau, founder of the Lavender Leonardos studio, conducts master classes for children (5 y.o+). Classes are full of joy, life and energy. For over twenty years, Izzy instills a love for art for children and adults, using the experience gained while working in television and theater.

Where: Lavender Hill Studios, Unit 153 Battersea Business Centre 99-109, Lavender Hill, London SW11 5QL

Cost: £35 for a day master-class, where children first draw, and then transfer the image into 3D - creating an art work in volume.

Painted by a Hudkruzhok student


Pauline Fraisse Art and Culture


The studio is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, on the right bank of the Seine river. All over the year Pauline Fraisse organizes a fsce-to-face art classes for children from 4 to 18 years in a flexible program depending on each child's preferences. Groups are small - between 1 to 5 people. Pauline takes her students on walks and creatively shows Paris surroundings, explaining its value from an artistic point of view.

Where: Despite that the school is based in Paris, other cities, too, are not deprived of attention - with enviable frequency Miss Fraisse organizes outreach workshops for her students all over the world, from New York to Marrakesh.

Price: The prices depend on the skills and desires, such as, 3 hour session in the open air in the group from 1 to 4 people will cost 79 euro. Students should by all the needed materials. Classes are held in French and English.

Painted by Marta, 6 y.o

Hong Kong

Art Adventures: Art In The Park


Here, you and your child will enjoy real adventures in the world of art. Art workshops, complete educational programs, art therapy or bohemian party - everything is possible! Children are organized in special groups (40 people), which are having fun in a park in the open air. You can choose a topic of the session according to preference of your child: from classical and avant-garde to just have some fun with paint oils under the guidance of local staff and relax.

Where: 3 / F, 222 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Price: From HK $195 per 1.5 hour training a technique of your choice, the price includes all the necessary materials.



Bonart is a popular Hong Kong arts center for children and adults filled with master classes, including wood carving classes of environmental solutions, making soy candles and more. The charge of fun and new experiences are guaranteed in a special class, during which a child will learn the art of a “terrarium”: here the children will create their own miniature landscape of living plants, moss, stones and other materials in a special bank account. Having built his/her own world, a child will learn about the micro ecosystem and the features of its balanced existence.

Where: Unit O, 8 / F, King Win Factory Building, 65-67 King Yip Street, Kwun Tong

Cost: HK $300 per person in a group of 10 people. His/her creation child can take home in the original box, which will keep track of the cage intact.

Painted by a Hudkruzhok student

New York

Kids at Art


For over ten years, this school provides ideal conditions for artistic education, where children learn and create freely. Master classes in painting, drawing, sculpture, design clothes waiting for their visitors on weekends. The school organizes continuous training programs, including the creative classes about art, fashion, design and tailoring.

Where: 1412 2nd Ave, New York, NY

Cost: Depends on the selected class. In summer, the school runs a children's art camp, you can choose the length of stay - half day (from 9.00 to 12.00, $95 / day or $425 / week) or full day (from 9.00 to 15.00, $175 / day or $700 / week). Be sure to register early!


Letal and Shagal


Here people love art and are ready to share this love with the young visitors. Teachers and supervisors are pleased to welcome adults and children who love or just getting ready to love painting, sculpture, architecture and other artistic disciplines.

Where: at the top of Moscow educational sites

Price: on request

Painted by a Hudkruzhok student

Green School


Green School is more like a villa or cottage, where one can discover something new. For example, there is a club for young naturalists. At the Green School children are having classes on ecology and gardening, art workshops, where everyone could build a sculpture out of batteries and plastic bottles, or create an interesting design or object made of cardboard, or learn how to paint colors. Imagine that your child spends the summer with his/her grandmother in a Russian country: there is a garden, and a samovar, and a round table at which a child could play board games, drink tea and listen to fairy tales! It sounds exciting, right?

Where: Str. Krymsky Val, 9/4, Moscow



Hudrukuzhok (from Russian "Hudozhestvenniy kruzhok" or "Art class") organizes educational and entertainment events for children of all ages. The lesson begins with the theoretical part, where children learn the history, traditions, features of one or another artistic technique, and continues with a practical part, where the acquired knowledge should be immediately put into action. For example, in one of the classes the senior group of Khudrukzhok was taught the art of balance and composition. Now little artists could help any Indian woman bring home some purchases without extra effort.

Where: HudKruzhok often conducts classes at the National Institute of Design, but sometimes in other interesting places in Moscow - it's better to follow their Facebook page for updates.

Cost: better to be specified in advance. For example, the cost of participation in the "Ceramic kitchen" (a lesson that included several types of creativity: sculpture, painting and decorative art) was 1600 rubles for one child or 2000 rubles for a family. Please note that pre-booking is required to attend the classes.