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Wow! Hey, the perfect spring break!

Let’s imagine you’ve decided to spend this Spring break with ocean, sun and sea of activities. Do you know where you can get it all at once? We do! Welcome to Florida!

Florida is the third largest state in the US and the first by the number of theme parks. Add to this a long coastline with beaches close to ideal, a developed entertainment infrastructure, and get the direction of a dream for a holiday with children.

If you are traveling from another continent, then most likely you will have to do a few stops in order to arrive at the airport in Orlando. This is not fun, but the journey is totally worth it. At the site, we recommend you to rent a car (you can book it in advance, for example, through Alamo). And with the car you can afford more of the unobvious, but nevertheless important trifles - for example, to live in a secluded place on the ocean. We offer Satellite Beach – accommodation in this area is easy to rent via Airbnb. There you can relax from the road, watch with the kids fisherman and pelicans, and gain strength for future adventures. Strategically, Satellite Beach has a very advantageous location - it's a quiet corner where you can hardly meet tourists, but at the same time there are many restaurants and organic food shops, and just an hour's drive away - Disney World, Universal Resort, the J.F. Kennedy Space Center and the launch pad of Cape Canaveral. Ideally, of course, you should visit each park, but if you are limited in time, we will try to help you choose only one thing. Note that one is day absolutely not enough to walk over all attractions even in one theme park, so evaluate your strengths and schedule the route so that you get the maximum pleasure from the trip.

With little ones - Disney World

Which kid does not dream to meet Mickey Mouse, dance with Elsa or have dinner with Cinderella in her Castle? All of the above (and much more) becomes a reality in the world of Disney - a complex of amusement parks, stretching out on a spacious territory, the length of which is 101 km. It is easy to get confused here, therefore it is better to plan the visiting areas in advance. With the little ones, we recommend going to the theme park "The Disney Magic Kingdom", which has opened in 1971. Since then it is a quintessence of the Disney world with classic heroes and attractions. At the entrance, you can take a quick pass. This is a special pass that gives the right of priority passage (without tedious standing in queues) to all rides. A regular ticket gives you the right to walk along the fast corridor only three times. In the Magic Kingdom, you will meet all Disney Princesses, with whom kids could get acquainted personally, take pictures, take autographs in a special souvenir book and even have dinner! If you care about proper nutrition, then lunch and snack are better to be taken with you from home - of course, there are many restaurants and cafes on the territory, but the food is not the most healthy: here you and your family may have hot dogs or burgers with mandatory French fries. It is customary to finish the evening with a grandiose firework: the lights are pouring over the Cinderella Castle just like on the screensaver in front of your favorite cartoon.

With kids - Universal Studios

If the princesses and Mickey Mouse are no more persons of the interest, go to the world of the universal film industry. Many thematic attractions here have been developed in close cooperation with the actual creators of the scenery of certain films. For example, Steven Spielberg put his hand to the creation of E.T. Adventure and advised the design of the pavilions dedicated to the films Men in Black, Back to the Future and Transformers. Undoubtedly, the main hit of the park is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which opened its doors in 2014. Here you can ride on the Hogwarts Express, go to the Olivander’s store and drink a ginger beer (of course, non-alcoholic). Note that the attractions in the park are devoted not only to the production of the company Universal but also other studios.

With everyone - J. F. Kennedy Space Center and much more

Of course, the J. F. Kennedy Space Center is not a theme park. But this is really a place which is obligatory to visit, a place where the real history of mankind is being created. On the territory of the center, you can not only study the history of modern astronautics but also feel on yourself what it is like to be an astronaut. Various simulations, video presentations, attractions, as well as a rich exposition of real space shuttles - there is everything to tell the history of high technology. Do not forget about the bus sightseeing tour (only in English): you will be told how among the alligators and turtles the real zone of technologies of the future has grown; you will see the launch pad of SpaceX (hello, Mr. Ilon Mask!) as well as a real cosmodrome. At the end of the day, it’s nice to snack a real "space" food - for example, dry ice cream. 

But for those who have already had a lot of future fantasy fun, Orlando has prepared many surprises: if you forget about theme parks, you might think that this city is the result of the merger of Chicago and New York, in our opinion, the most vibrant US cities.

From Chicago here is the passion for the evening promenade: wine bars, jazz, and disco. Pay attention to the 3 famous wine bars that are located along Park Avenue: Wine Room offers more than 156 varieties of wine, and in CarmelCafé & WineBar it is possible to taste the wines of the New and Old World, combined with Mediterranean snacks. Eola Wine Company’s wine list counts 70 positions, each of which has its own snack: wraps, tacos, smørrebrøds and other small delicacies will surprise you with its variety and unexpected taste contrasts.

From New York Orlando gets the best shopping: where else will you find a selection of Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom in one place? Not far from here are located an outlet zone, for example at Century21 lucky ones may find collectible models of eminent designers at bargain prices (Rochas shoes for $100. Prada dress from the collection SS14 for $220 - it is a reality!). Do not forget to visit the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art in the Winter Park. The place hosts the richest collection of interior items from Tiffany. Yes, it was a surprise for us too!

In order to go deep into the atmosphere of Orlando, take the car and drive with the whole family to a dinner in one of the restaurants on lakes shores. Here the choice is yours, but we recommend dinner within a surreal modern art in the new Santiago's Bodega in Ivanhoe Village, where bold paintings and the interior of Robert Henry Thompson blends with the creative menu in tapas style inspired by the kitchen from the outpost in Key West.

And if the mainland is already completely over for you and it’s time for peace and quiet - it's time to take a ferry to the Bahamas! When choosing pay attention to the cruise company Disney, which offers theme cruises – your kids will be amazed!

Have a nice trip!