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Christmas isn't just a day It's a frame of mind

Winter days are beautiful with its fresh frosty air, snow and ice activities. But what we like the most is the evening time when you could curl up in your favorite chair, armed with tangerines and arrange a film marathon with your loved ones. Little Pushkin team recalled the holiday-themed movies, plunged into the depths of IMDB and as a result invent an eclectic list of favorite movies to watch with children. Enjoy watching!

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

A Christmas fairy tale that has never lost its charm! Kris Kringle, an elderly gentleman with a white beard accidentally went to work in a department store, where he becomes Santa Claus on a replacement. But, according to the fundamentals of the genre, nothing is purely accidental! In this magic story, you will find laughter, romance, and of course true miracle - everything for what we are so fond of the classic Hollywood story!

Annie (1982)

"Annie" has many versions, but our favorite is made in 1982: merry musical about love and trust in the style of the 30s! If you like modern decor, we recommend choosing the recent remake with Cameron Diaz in the role of Miss Hannigan - Christmas time in New York, cheerful dances and poignant lyrics are included.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

This short film will help to explain even to the little ones (the film is recommended for kids from 3 years), what is the true meaning of Christmas. Along with Charlie Brown, kids cast out toward commercialized holiday and find the true meaning of the celebration.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

In this film, Jim Carrey is transformed into an evil and lonely Grinch, who is tired of the noisy preparations for Christmas and decides to steal the holiday. Voiceover, in a joking way, telling the story of a lone villain brings zest to the old story.

Paddington (2014)

Here we will be brief: Paddington Bear from the dense forest of Peru is the best.

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

In the wave of remakes of "Beauty and the Beast", it's time to remember the original cartoon and only then assess who coped best with the role of the Belle - Léa Seydoux or Emma Watson. Vensant Kassel is out of the question anyway...

Enchanted (2007)

When Amy Adams has not yet received five nominations for "Oscar", and Tom Ford was only a designer, Disney studio has released a moving picture with elements of animation about the exalted fairytale princess (Amy also sings!) and her Prince from New York. It turned out cute, fun and heartfelt.

101 Dalmatians (1961)

Dogs, dogs and more dogs again! The story spotted a couple of Pongo and Perdita, their simple-minded hosts and insidious Cruella is probably known by everyone. Wintertime is a good excuse to plunge into the bark fun, especially if your baby is eager to have a pet. What if you will suddenly change your mind and will go for it? ..

Wizards (1982)

A Konstantin Bromberg classical Soviet romantic comedy based on the science-fiction novel "Monday begins on Saturday" by Strugatsky brothers. Cheerful fairy tale, which shows that even the wizards who use dirty tricks are powerless to clean and sincere love.

Morozko  (1964)

Cinderella Story in Russian folk-style: Young and delicate Nasten’ka lives with her father, stepmother and stepsister who hate her and wish her to be sent away. One day Nastya was left alone in the woods, where Father Frost (Morozko) saved her from a cold death and welcomed her to his frosty home. Director Alexander Row was among the first to shoot a film adaptation of a fairy tale, and his work was highly appreciated by Steven Spielberg. In an interview, Hollywood director recognized the innovative techniques of the Soviet master of cinema.