Art and fashion: childhood spirit in illustrations

Collaborations between high fashion brands and artists is not a news anymore, since the integration of art into fashion is benefitting to both. The art itself and it's authors find new admirers, and clothes get additional, special meaning. We have always been curious about this process - the integration of art into fashion. That is why Little Pushkin cooperates with the best artists for creation of its prints. And of course we cannot help but think that art as an element of children's clothing design acquires additional function - the forming of artistic and visual connection between different generations. In Little Pushkin capsule collection we used prints made for us by an artist from Moscow, a senior man with big experience and talent. It was hard in the beginning, but the result turned out excellent. And, according to Mikhail, he dived into the world of childhood more and more deeply, recalling his own and creating something new. He tried and searched for the form of expression of what he wanted to include in his drawings. It came out so wonderful that we decided to make another conjoint project with several artists and illustrators we like. We asked our favourite authors to picture how they see Little Pushkin. It was the first experience of working with a children's clothing brand for the most of them. Some refused, but those who agreed got an opportunity to try themselves in something new, try to address modern children using a common language - the language of art. And it was informative for us to see who the familiar style of these illustrator transforms in the works for our conjoint project.

Talented illustrator and an avant-garde lover Mario Mendez lives and works in Mexico. Mario grew up with grandfather and grandmother. Despite the family's poverty, Mario always had colourful crayons and scratchpads - his grandfather very much supported his love for drawing. His work as an illustrator mixed with the love of avant-garde fashion, and this may be the reason why his drawings are reminiscent of Japanese anime. In his interview Mario told us that family is very important for him, and that he dreams of creating his own brand of toys. Looking at his works for our project, it's easy to imagine it. Especially of little Pushkin Mario has invented a whole story - about children, waiting for our store to open in order to get dressed.

A professional fashion illustrator Mijin Chun works with the leading  brands and magazines. On her pictures we see feminine figures from the lines, extending floating silhouettes, in other words, the characters young girls expect to see in glamorous fashion magazines. But in the work for Little Pushkin Mijin depicted a simple cute little girl with touching toys from the past, painted with watercolours. The girl holds a carousel - it looks like a symbol of a cycle of life, but maybe it's just a toy. The beautiful thing about art is that it can be interpreted in different way, we are free in to express our fantasies and personal interpretations, based on our unique perception and experience.

It was a special pride to us to work with a Moscow artist Marina Pavlikovskaya, who illustrates books  and magazines for important publishing houses for many years, and works as a production designer for "Soyuzmulifilm". Marina's style is different from that of Mijin Chun - her drawings are solid, bright and mysterious. For little Pushkin Marina drew her own interpretation of our most popular prints - cheerful and curious red fox, a cute and a little dreamy chick and a wonderful hedgehog. 

Another participant of our project - Mike Driver, a British artist and a talented illustrator, young, bold and very demanded. During the last year, Mike's works participated in more than fifteen European exhibitions. Mike's characters are always in motion, and their surroundings remind of a reality made from Lego puzzles. For our project, Mike  created a dynamic picture, on which he dressed his characters in already familiar Little Pushkin models, slightly altering the colours in favour of traditional British palette.

A British citizen Yasmine Rahali, an illustrator and a beginning fashion designer. Yasmine is influenced by the post-modernism images and modern comics. Her illustrators are very bright, clear contours from bold lines. For our project Yasmine created a picture of a girl in a famous "Princess" dress.

Helen Bullock lives in London. However, before becoming a famous illustrator and print designer, creating works for Louis Vuitton and Ralf Lauren, Helen had been working in New York, trying to make a career as an actress. Helen draws only freehand, and we can say that her pictures often look unfinished, connecting the viewers with  the late avant-garde artists. Helen created this guy in an overcoat and a little Pushkin shirt. We cannot call her choice a coincidence.  

Moskovite Marina Sidneva, a young girl and already a well-known illustrator working in the fashion industry. Marina's works are classical fashion illustrations. But for Little Pushkin Marina decided to use transparent watercolour and professional, but at the same time childlike drawings.

And, in conclusion we would like to show the illustrations of Tonya Sorokina, our favourite staff designer. Tonya did not participate in our project and did not even know about it. We just asked her to draw our clothing without limiting herself by technical requirements, in an artistic perspective. Not for work, just for herself. The result was something new for us. It was first time we saw such Tonya.  

We hope that due to this project, the new visual sequence will perhaps influence on the childhood memories of the new generation of artists and will carry on something important from the past to the future.