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51st February Playlist#2

1. Chubby Checker - Let's twist again

One of the most famous songs in the twist style enshrined Chubby Cheker as the superstar. The song was awarded the Grammy Award in 1962.

2. Francoise Hardy - Tous les garcons et les filles

The song performed by François Hardy, released in 1962, tells of the experiences of a young girl who has never fallen in love.

3. Raymond Pauls - "Long road in the Dunes" (from the movie "Long road in the Dunes")

The soundtrack to the popular seven-part USSR film, released in 1980.

4. Alexei Rybnikov - "You don't even dream" (from the movie "You did not even dream ...")

Now it is difficult to imagine that this melody, written by Rybnikov in 1970, became popular only 10 years after its creation, thanks to the release of the film "You did not even dream". And a year later it made it to the final of the famous "Song of the Year" - the most significant musical contest in the USSR.

5. Alexei Rybnikov - "Do you believe me or not?" (From the film "A Great Space Trip")

The soundtrack, how we would call this record today, which included this composition, was sold in more than 100,000 copies throughout the USSR.

6. Sergey and Tatyana Nikitiny - "A Pony"

A touching story about a small pony, which is not worse than the horse Pirate, but eats fewer than cats and dogs.

7. Polina Agureeva - "My Little One" (from the movie "Long Farewell")

The song on the verses of Marina Tsvetaeva from the movie "Long Farewell" touches the most secret strings of the soul and sets the melancholy mood.

8. Elena Kamburova - "We are little children" (from the movie "The Adventures of Electronics")

"We are little children, we want to have fun!" - the real motto of rebellious childhood.

9. Larisa Dolina - "People can not always be together" (from the film "June 31")

Larisa Dolina, who is called the Soviet Tina Turner, sings about the vicissitudes of finding true love. The song was originally one of the episodes of the film "June 31", a kind of  La-La Land from the world of Soviet fantasy.

10. Kaoma - Lambada

A cult song of the early 90s  which we simply did not have the right to not include in the seasonal soundtrack, as our collection is dedicated to the 90s. We guarantee that by the middle of the second verse you will definitely start dancing, a good mood is ensured!

11. Oleg Anofriev and Anatoly Gorokhov - "Nothing is better in the world" (from the cartoon "Bremen Town Musicians")

The song tells about friendship, friends, and priorities in an accessible form even for the youngest. "Bremen Town Musicians" - an advanced cartoon of its time, a real rock opera.

12. The Beatles - Yellow Submarine

An imperishable classics from the Liverpool four tells for itself.

13. Waltz from the movie "My affectionate and affectionate beast"

The main theme of the Olympic Games in Russia: sounded both in 1980 in Moscow and in 2014 in Sochi.

14. Anna Herman - "The Lullaby"

The voice of Anna Herman lulls and relaxes. Recommended for listening in pajamas.