About Us

Little Pushkin is a Hongkong brand for children aged 0-11 years. We believe that we never really grow up, carried through life on the winds of desire, singing songs of our childhood dreams. Little Pushkin is about little children in us and adult wisdom in them, so we create clothes merging the traditional baby-parent border, disrupting the limitations, rethinking the shapes, silhouettes, traditional colors usually offered to children. True bits of fashion in tiny packages.

Little Pushkin is about giving the best to our children and making sure that's not just words - we try to create clothes that our children would love to wear and clothes that last longer than a fashion season. We want to introduce our children to art and fashion we admire, give them something unique, so the prints and colors are carefully elaborated and worked through, collaborations are discussed and new talented designers introduced.

We also care about trillion other things that brought upon every parent by watching their children grow - joy of the simple things, warmth of a smile on a cloudy day, comfort of a hug, poetry of a family get-togethers, days when you just roll out of bed in the morning, throw on a piece of clothing and go, run, do that thing. We love that, it's on our mind too when we work on each collection that come to life.