what to do in London?

London is one of those cities that has all kinds of wonders, but that fact also raises the question where to rush first and if there is enough time to visit all the numerous  fun places. If you happen to be in London, here are a few suggestions we hope you might find enchanting.

It's not one of those must-do lists, just a few cool places we enjoyed when in London and think you will as well :) 

Diana Memorial Playground is a gem hidden in Kensington Garden 10 min away from the Hide Park, one of the best London playgrounds. Enormous pirate vessel, wigwams, a beach with palms and treasure chests call to action everyone around aged 0 to 100y.o. There's also a lovely cafe and a pond with swans, seagulls and geese. If you love gardens and not willing to grow up like our friend Peter Pan, Diana Memorial Playground is a thrilling place to visit.

In Pollock's Toy Museum a smell of adventure pervades the air. No guides or common shiny halls, instead there's a fantastic spiral staircase, leading to 3 floors full of really-rare-rarities – the very first tiny teddy bear, a vast collection of painted Matryoshka dolls, colorful paper toy theaters that made Benjamin Pollock famous all over the world. There is also a shop where you can buy some of the paper dolls and toy theatre decorations. Address and more information at

Bach to Baby is an exhilarating project that doesn't require hours of just sitting. You will be amazed at how you child appreciates Bach, Beethoven and/or Brahms. Don't miss this cocktail of classical music, feeding, crying, dancing and nappy changing happening across London. Free or with a little charge. Book tickets in advance, details here

Not always easy to inspire your child care for art if just silently wonder around endless museum halls. Why visit the National Gallery? We love it for the magnificent list of choices – get into art, learn art, dream art, be art, meet, talk, sit on their Sunday Persian carpet and see how the art stories unveil themselves. Click for more

 When it gets to natural history or science, London museums are ready not only to help you plan your visit, but will also make sure you enjoy it and come back, no matter how young or old you are. If you stop by The Science Museum in AM, you will have a chance to take part in experiments with colors, light and liquids. If you monitor The Natural History Museum schedule, you might enjoy a torch night tour around the museum ending with the sleep-over in the main hall of the establishment. Go for information support

The Climbers and Creepers play zone at Kew Garden`s. First of all, fantastically beautiful scene you get into, second of all, squirrel-parrot teams and other animal stories, third and forth and further on, there is a splendid play zone with gigantic flower buds and leaves when one can pretend being a bee or an ant; epic adventures are waiting the little ones in the sandbox. Go to  for details.

Discover the Magic of Harry Potter Tour at Warner Bros. The film series made Leavesden its home for more than ten years. The iconic sets, props and costumes were created especially for that boy with a lightning bolt scar. The Studio offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore two soundstages and a backlot filled with original sets, animatronic creatures and breathtaking special effects. Beware you also might empty your pocket on extra 30 pounds for The Wand on your leave, it is near to impossible to say no to that utility :) Tickets and more: