Little Pushkin&Miami Tattoos

We are excited to introduce our limited edition collection of temporary tattoos for kids developed together with Miamiami Tattoos. The tattoos are safe for kids, require just someplain water to get applied and hold for four days. The collection is made of 3 theme sets, including “Forest”, “Lobster” and “Elephant”. The themes were inspired by your favorite LittlePushkin prints which were developed by our very best designers. The “Elephant” with its charming ears was created by Mikhail Djut, a talented artist from Moscow. Mikhail worked with us on our very first collection and we feel proud for having the opportunity to work with such a creative professional. The “Lobster” was developed by Katya Solovieva. Katya is a textile designer from Germany. And the “Tulips” were made by Karan Singh, an illustrator from New York. Karan also developed the LittlePushkin stripes for us, which were first introduced with our capsule collection. So, this week we had our first itro meeting between the tattoo sets and the kids, which we hosted at the GARAGE Museum in Moscow. And all the elephants survived it.